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Established in 2011, Endless Adventure camps has evolved into a multi-faceted program designed to enrich the lives of youth and adults alike through adventure.

Parent Review:

Lara Shortall — 5 star*****
My boys had a great time at this camp. Every day was a new adventure with their friends and they made some new friends along the way. Coach Fugarino and his staff make sure that all campers are safe and that they have FUN, no matter how adventurous the campers are. We are looking forward to skiing and riding this winter!

Nancy Markey Denion — 5 star *****
Great camp. The activities were fantastic, and the staff was professional and personable. Very well organized. My daughter had a great time!

Melanie Conly — 5 star*****
We have recommended this camp to many families. Our daughter is already talking about returning next year; attending both in 2013 and 2014. The camp director takes safety very seriously making myself feel very confident that the campers are having a fabulous time while being secure and well supervised. Many of the activities boost self confidence and cooperation amongst themselves. It is a great asset to our community.

Joretta Evans Crabbe   — 5 star*****
Truly the best camp experience ever for Leah!!! I can only imagine that the winter adventures on the slopes will be a great time for the kids too!!! Thank you for creating this great camp!!!

Tania Saiz — 5 star*****
The best camp experience by far. The kids experience something new each day, it's great fun. Coach Fugarino and the staff are on top of everything so it's with total confidence I encourage my daughter to push herself further.

Hope Scully — 5 star*****
This was by far the best camp experience! Thanks for organizing such great trips and managing everything so well that kids were safe and happy!

Joe Palombo — 5 star*****
With out question this is my kids favorite camp to attend. They love that there is something different every day. No matter how exhausted they are, they jump out of bed each and run to camp.

Robin Fitzgerald Trainor — 5 star*****
this is the BEST camp! Kayla loved each and every day! thanks for organizing such a wonderful experience for the children. Looking forward to next year!
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